Weidman Beverage Corp. / TUFF GUYZ Sports Drinks

December of 2005, Weidman Beverage Corp. introduced its first beverage innovation to the world... The TUFF GUYZ Sports Drinks. 

The story of the company began when founder Brad Weidman recognized the need for healthier "functional" foods in the sports industry.

TUFF GUYZ Sports Drinks, the brainchild of Brad Weidman and the former CEO of Tough Guy Films, a company known for ground breaking 3D animated sports movies geared his TUFF GUYZ to take on the isotonic sports industry with better flavors and healthier ingredients for America's youth.

With a recognizable brand name and high-impact "street" (fiction and non-fiction) athletes on its package, TUFF GUYZ is a "natural" deriving its inspiration from the "TUFF GUYZ" spirit in all play of sports.

Weidman got his inspiration for the TUFF GUYZ concept from his father, who like most dads teach their sons and daughters to be proud, work hard, play hard, and stay tough, even in the hardest of times. Quiting is never an option. Push hard and stay "TUFF!"

The TUFF GUYZ Sports drinks pack a high performance blend of 28 vitamins and minerals, are 100% natural and promote lower glycemic intake with proprietary low carbohydrate natural sweetener blends. TUFF GUYZ are non-carbonated electrolyte drinks designed to rehydrate, vitamize and refresh without the overload of sodium like the major brands. TUFF GUYZ contain no preservatives, are gluten, lactose, and soy free.

Initially available in five natural blazing fruit flavors: Orange Mango  [Basketball], Citrus Blue [Football], LemonLime Green [Skateboard], Sweet N Sour Grape [Baseball] and Fruit Punch Red [Soccer], and that's just the beginning.

COMING SOON:  1.TUFF Shoes; the ultimate high performance athletic shoe that all "TUFF GUYZ" consumers are eligable to win under every bottle cap.
                             2.TUFF H2O ALL NATURAL QUENCHERS
                             3.TUFF GUYZ all natural quick breakfast on-the-go! Daily Whole Protein, Vitamins & Minerals.

Also available in powder, consumers can make TUFF GUYZ Sports Drink anytime, anywhere.

TUFF GUYZ Trademark: USPTO 78550936







Weidman Beverage Corp. / Golf Teas

Introducing GOLF TEAS AND GOLF TEA FLAVORED LEMONADES.  Targeted to the hundreds of thousands of dedicated golfers who enjoy a healthy lifestyle and refreshing beverages.  Better than Snapple and healthier than Vitamin Water, GOLF TEAS not only do the job, but do the job better.

At Weidman Beverage, the parent company of GOLF TEAS, we understand the stress the human body endures playing sports...especially in a round of golf.

Weidman Beverage, a leader in natural nutrition innovations, we know the hydration issues with golfers and have formulated a ground breaking, all natural iced tea beverage that does not only hydrate, but delivers a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that compliment its natural energetic ingredients to support maximum energy, recovery, and focus on and off the turf.

Give youself the edge. Enjoy life. Enjoy Golf Tea... It's Bar None, the Best!

GOLF TEAS Trademark: USPTO: 77251901



Weidman Beverage Corp. / JITSU Energy Shots

FIGHT BRANDS COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: / Targeting MMA Fighters and Fans Around the World - The Fastest Growing Sport in the World

JITSU ENERGY SHOTS & JITSU PREMIUM PROTEIN POWDERS are manufactured to give athletes the additional edge they need to gain maximum performance during physical activity.

Our company has over 25 years experience in the nutritional food and beverage business with over than 20 years experience in the martial arts industry. The FIGHT BRANDS Team understands and identifies the stress that the human body undergoes during a rigorous exercise. 

MMA fighters are subject to punishment and exhaustion unlike any other sport.  JITSU ENERGY SHOTS give fighters the extra kick when they need it most. And if it’s good enough for the world’s toughest athletes, it’s good enough for anyone who just wants to push through a tough work work-out.

JITSU ENERGY SHOTS are the best tasting, most effective energy shots in the world. Try a JITSU today and see for yourself. Also available in powder form.


Manufacturing:  Nutritional, Energy, Functional Food and Beverage products are specially formulated and created for the unique needs of Professional Fighters and Fight Aficionados with an emphasis on Power & Performance. 

JITSU Trademark: USPTO: 77315164







Weidman Beverage Corp. / Shangti Ice Tea

SHANGTI, a masterful blend of smooth and pleasing teas selected by great traditional tea masters.
Through the ages, the consumption of tea has always been associated with relaxation, comfort, and good health.  
From the formal tea cermonies and cozy tea houses in Asia to the "High Tea" gatherings in Europe, the enjoyment
of tea Celebrates Life!
Tea is an ancient beverage enjoyed by many and has been received for its healthy attributes.  Although all tea is considered
healthy, the highest amounts of powerful antioxidants and polyphenols are found in the white tea leaves.  The makers of
SHANGTI TEA have perfected a masterful combination of white, black and green tea leaves brewed into a amooth and 
pleasing flavor.  A tad of sweetness along with natural fruit flavors have been introduced to compliment our
very unique tea blends.
During the SHANG era, blended teas were considered an art form. Now, through our SHANGTI Tea Masters, we share the
essence of great tea and present a package of tradition, health, and great taste.
Enjoy the comfort of SHANGTI tea and Celebrate Life!
Future Shangti products: Tea bags with carefully selected robust tea leaves for home consumption.
 Shangti Trademark: USPTO: 77105536


Weidman Beverage Corp. / KOJI-KO Juice Blends

Across the furthest reaches of the pacific ocean lies the beautiful island of Shikoku.

Shikoku cultivates and grows some of finest fruits and vegetables in the world. Its unique and hearty soil combined with its ancient farming secrets have long stood the test of time.

The word “KOJI” means tradition, and with deep respect for the land and the of islanders of shikoku, we pass on to you and your family a new tradition that can be shared and cultivated as your own.

Koji-Ko, a juice drink that is symbionic with good health and freshenss is now available for all to enjoy. Try a Koji-Ko Juice and “Taste The Tradition.”

 KOJI-KO Trademark: USPTO: 3355276


Shirley T The Shirley Temple Soft Drink

SODA POP KIDS presents the first Shirley Temple Soda for home consumption. 

Created and designed by Brad Weidman 1985

Shirley T  The Shirley Temple Soft Drink

Berryblue  The first blue soda!

Peachykean  All's good!